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Illuminer Art

Welcome to Illuminer, I Invite you to see all the beautiful art pieces and canvas paintings that have been made with passion with vibrant colors and lights. I truly believe that beautiful pieces of art tell stories and Illuminate your life with harmony and love.

Creating Illuminer for me as an artist has been creating my own space to show you my collections. Unique pieces created with my hands to decorate and harmonize anywhere your home, office, business and why not, that gift for someone special in your life.

My passion for Art make me create my own job. This website is part of my dream to have a small gallery for people that like the art in different media, from a beautiful canvas paintings to restored pieces that are special for you.

«Let your Smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile»
I believe that a smile can change everything!»

– Lulu Michel

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